Montag, 15. August 2011


Dear Reader,

thanks for following my blog over the past two years. I moved my new blog over to tumblr.
Please check: for new releases a video from my tour in america and news from my uk tour.

Kisses, Emma

Montag, 23. Mai 2011

Music I like Part 14 - Beardyman

Recently i have been listening to so many great artists! If you are the proud owner of a dolby 5.1 system you should go ahead and watch this video. If not, you should watch it anyway. Beardyman is a entertainer, beatboxer and a club-act in one single person:

"Dolbyman" featuring Beardyman from Nicolas Will on Vimeo.

His album just dropped and jippieh, it covers a broad range of urban styles. Totally different from his live performance but one of the best releases of the year so far to me!

Sonntag, 17. April 2011

BCN - Slow Bar

"Mañana" We were told by our promoter, that is the first word we got to learn in Spain. It means "tomorrow". This is the excuse why the post is one day late! I only did what I was told :)
On Friday, I visited Barcelona for my Spain debut!
The venue´s name, where DJ Apocryf invited me to play at his Insoulent Rec. Label lounch, was Slow. It has a fantastic LED lightning system, have a look at the pic. It was crowded and Apocryf did a warm up, that totally matched my taste, playing Belleruche, Zebra Baby, CLP...!
The cocktails were great, no wonder; the Barkeeper was European Champion in mixing Cocktails.I love the atmosphere of Barcelona but unfortunately we only had a little time for sightseeing, so Apocryf took us on a ride through the city, breaking all kind of traffic rules just to make sure, that we would see as many places as possible.
We will return!

Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Making of Part 4 - The debut LP

Yes, there is a reason to it, when I am neglecting my blog like I did over the past few month.
I am putting all my energy in finishing my first full length release. Finished arrangements in December and finished recording vocals in January. At the moment we are busy mixing, listening to the mixes and mixing again. I uploaded a short clip, to give you an impression of what the mixing is like. Don't worry, the finished song is going to sound different!
Hope to finish mixing soon and looking forward to play the first songs to you!
Also im going to tour America and play a few shows in Germany, you might get a preview of some of the songs if you come around.
Hope to see you soon.

Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

Music I like Part 13 - xXxXx

Just a quick one!
Today Leg-No, my partner on the Sunglasses EP, started a label and released the first EP on it, Be Bonkerz!
It is no less than xXxXx. Everybody attending my show at the Musikschutzgebiet Festival this year might still remember them from their performance with 808 Basslines and crazy vocal fx! To get the feeling of the festival just have a look at the pic! Great festival in beautiful landscape.
There are plenty of great remixes to dance to on this Ep, from Leg-No himself, Chris de Luca, his label partner and Lars Mosten and Thrills.
The Thrills also delivered a second remix for all the Dubstep heads (yes me too!). It is for free, so have a listen and download!

Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

Music I like Part 12 - Ezra Bang & Hot Machine (EBHM)

The new 12"vinyl and the digital release on ITD comes as a 5 track stomper! Ezra Bang & Hot Machine (EBHM) already palyed Splash and Dockville in Germany but I always missed the show. I really hope I can make it to their show with Sick Girls on Dec. 3rd!
The Ep starts with Cadillac that features Char Johnson from Zebra Baby which you might know from one of my earlier posts.
Next to the oldschool flavour that continues through all three original tracks the tiny little bells are the highlight on this one.
Have a listen on the bottom of the post.
Royal Bloodline, the second track, is the winner of the package to me. You can check the really cool trashy video to have a listen before it is released on Dec. 3rd!
When you think the third track is a filler, you are wrong. War is just as much of a must have as the two other tracks.
In general it is really fat & funny beats, topped with great lyrics.
Remixes were provided by Dan Le Sac (this time without his partner Scroobius Pip) and Sick Girls. Both turn the original tunes into great songs for the dancefloor!
Download a third remix by Olugbenga from Metronomy for free!

Ezra Bang & Hot Machine (EBHM) - Cadillac
Ezra Bang & Hot Machine (EBHM) - Cadilllac by ITD_MusiEzra Bang & Hot Machine (EBHM) - Cadillac (Olugbenga Remix)

Ezra Bang & Hot Machine (EBHM) - Royal Bloodline - VIDEO

Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

Music I like Part 11 - Phon.o

Phon.o is contributing to my music not only since his remix on my last EP with Leg-No, where he remixed the title track!

Long before he already sold his Korg NanoPad to Nils which we used on a couple of EMMA tracks and shows before Nils finally crashed it.

You can check the weirdo rave remix here if you forgot what it sounds like:
LEG-NO & EMMA - SUNGLASSES feat. Tunde Olaniran (PHON.O Remix) by PHON.O

On the picture (which was taken by Feliks Horn, the director of the videoclip for Sunglasses) he is playing at the Tonfrequenz in Duesseldorf in 2008, it was the first time I saw him live. And the poster made it into the videoclip for Sunglasses! It is a vicious circle!

Now Phon.o released a remix for BoysNoize you shouldn't miss. The arrangement is pretty similar to the Sunglasses remix. Still the sound is different. It got a jumpy old school touch and definitely is going to make you happy on the dancefloor. Have a listen:
BOYS NOIZE - Trooper(PHON.O rmx) by PHON.O
Unique and outstanding. Can wait for his solo releases!